Monday, 16 March 2015

5 Reasons Why Volunteers Are Great

It’s National Volunteering Week so we thought we’d deliver to you 5 REASONS WHY VOLUNTEERS ARE GREAT

5) The impact you can have is HUGE

To an outsider, it may appear that the volunteer is just driving a person from point A to point B, sharing a coffee, or helping with a task. However the TRUE impact is so much more.

The volunteer is there in a time of need, providing emotional support, another friendly face. Just being there means SO MUCH

4) Volunteering is WIN WIN

The volunteer helps, participates and contributes to the community without the expectation of something in return. What the volunteer gets in return is priceless- Life skills, a new friend, life experiences and a new network. It can also make you happier and advances your career.


3) The volunteer is part of a special club

JewishCare’s volunteers are part of a special group. They are the lifeblood of JewishCare.

2) Volunteering is contagious

You may just think that you’re helping one person. The REALITY is that if you volunteer, your friends and family may find out and want to volunteer too. Before you know it, your decision could have a far more dramatic effect that you could ever imagine.

The person you’re helping may decide one day to volunteer because of YOUR impact on their life.

1) It feels GREAT

You just can’t beat that feeling of knowing you’ve made a difference, that you’ve contributed to someone’s life and that you have played a part in the helping community.

So a big thanks to all volunteers.  Though the national volunteering week is coming to an end it is never too late to consider volunteering.

If you're thinking about becoming a volunteer for JewishCare, speak to Lana on 8305 8040 or email

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