Thursday, 30 July 2015

Did you know that JewishCare runs a social group at the Factory Community Centre in Redfern to support elderly Russian-speaking community members to stay connected ?

For many years now JewishCare has had a successful partnership with the Factory Community Centre in providing services to the elderly Russian-speaking community in the Waterloo and Redfern area.

The project was established with the goal of encouraging community participation and alleviation of social isolation which impacts the older Russian-speaking community.

JewishCare is grateful to the Factory and feels that basing this project in the Factory Community Centre has undoubtedly assisted this older community to integrate in the wider local community, as they now have an understanding of, and access to the local events and activities.

Each Monday, the group meets either at the Factory Community Centre or participates in outings/social groups. During these meetings the participants are provided with information about current affairs or other topics, which are usually followed by lively discussions over tea and biscuits.

Often guest speakers are invited to speak on topics of interest such as healthy aging and exercise and the clients are encouraged to stay active. As a complimentary addition, on Wednesdays some of the group’s participants attend a swimming program for seniors.

This is a chance for fitness and a chance to develop friendships, in a safe and fun atmosphere.

Earlier this month The Daily Telegraph wrote about the positive impact The Factory  has made to many people's lives in the local community and JewishCare is glad to be a part of that.
If you or someone you know may benefit from this program please contact us on Firstcall on 1300 133 660.

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