Thursday, 20 August 2015

Did you know that Hearing Awareness Week commences this Sunday? 23rd - 29th of August 2015

                                               Hearing is precious and fragile
Hearing impairment or deafness, is when your hearing is affected by a condition or injury. Some people are born with hearing loss while others may develop it as they get older. 

Statistically we all begin to lose our hearing when we are in our 30s and 40s. One adult in five and more than half of all people over the age of 80 suffer from hearing loss.

Hearing Awareness Week reports that some of the early warning signs of hearing loss are: you can hear but not understand; you find it hard to hear in noisy situations or groups of people; you think people mumble; you need turn the TV up louder than others or, you don't always hear the doorbell or the phone.

Hearing Protection Tips:
- Limit your exposure to loud noise

- Get your hearing tested regularly
To locate a free hearing test offered by Australian Hearing during Hearing Awareness Week you can select ‘Find your nearest event’ on their web page and then add your postcode to receive contact details.
Australian Hearing Hub’s Open House will celebrate Hearing Awareness Week
on Saturday 22 August 2015 from 12 pm till 4 pm by opening their doors to the public to raise awareness of healthy hearing and the services they provide.

Some highlights of the day:

  • Free hearing screening tests for adults and children
  • Learn about hearing health from industry leaders
  • Participate in research activities: adults and kids
  • Variety of short talks regarding hearing loss and advancements in hearing technology
  • Free children’s activities including a jumping castle
Australian Hearing Hub is located at 16 University Avenue, Macquarie University, Sydney and free parking is available under the building.

If you would like to attend this event you will have to register on the Australian Hearing Hub web page and they can also be contacted on 9850 5005.


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