Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Here are 5 things you didn’t know about JewishCare

1)      JewishCare has a dedicated YOUTH team.  In fact JewishCare is a service for the community across the lifespan.  

Perhaps there are people in the community who have the impression that the organisation is focused on aged care services but we have many different programs for people of all ages.
2)      JewishCare is constantly evolving to meet community needs.  In the last few years, new programs include: Financial Counselling, Community Shabbatons, Love Bites, Pre-Marital Education and much much more.
Financial counselling is about helping people struggling with their debts. We’ve helped clients get debt waivers and re-organise their debts for their financial advantage.
JewishCare Shabbatons provide meals to members of the Mental Health and Well Being team and their carers interested in a Shabbat meal with a touch of community on the side.

Love Bites involves raising awareness in school aged children about issues related to Domestic and Family Violence and Sexual Assault.
Pre-Marital Education is a 3 week workshop (3 hours per week) where couples can learn valuable skills in communication, conflict resolution and family of origin.
3)      Our recent independently operated client surveys (2015) showed our level of service is outstanding.

We had an overall satisfaction rate of 87%.  We’re proud to provide this high level of service and this helps to justify our place in the community.

4)      We have 506 active volunteers, 52 full time employees, 110 part time employees and 39 casuals.

Many people are surprised to hear the size of the organisation.  We’re here to help so if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us.

5)      We’d love to show you around for a tour.  Call 1300 133 660 and you’ll see what the community has to be proud of.

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