Thursday, 3 September 2015

“My fondest memories…”

This week we had the pleasure to speak to Mr Jakob Binstok about his most memorable times during his life. Mr Binstok recalled his most fondest memories to be the starting of a new life in Australia, meeting his late wife and the birth of his two sons. 


                           Jakob Binstok and Ruth Faludi

Mr Jakob Binstok is a Holocaust Survivor from Poland who lost his immediate family in the war.

Although, as Mr Binstok explains, life has become very lonely over the past decade, due to the loss of his wife and most friends, he is pleased that he contacted JewishCare quite some time ago, as JewishCare provided him with social opportunities, helped him meet new people, and form new friendships.

“I don’t have many people in my life anymore who I can talk to about my worries or concerns” explains Mr Binstok. Over the years, he has developed a connection with JewishCare’s Intake Officer, Ruth which he says, “has improved his life greatly and has given him something to look forward to”.
Mr Binstok enjoys conversations with Ruth about his favourite subject soccer while sipping on his favourite drink hot chocolate.

For Ruth, this is one of the most rewarding parts of her job.

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