Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Here are 5 things absolutely everyone in the Sydney Jewish Community MUST know about Jewish Care:

1. You don’t have to go through challenging circumstances alone. Everybody goes through their own challenges, but what’s important to remember is that if you’re feeling overwhelmed, you can always call us.   

We have many many programs for community members with all sorts of issues, across all ages.  Even if we can’t help you, we may know who can.

2.There are amazing stories happening every day.

 We have amazing stories about helping clients overcome adversity.  We have stories of helping people back on their feet after losing everything, people building their independence, stories of friendship and much much more.

3. What we do is everything to do with your level of religious observance!

JewishCare provides a quality service to the community is regardless of the client’s degree of religiosity.   People’s individual degree of religiousness is always factored in to the service we provide. 

If religious observance is important to a client, we may for example match a Big Brother to little brothers at the same level of religiousness.  If it is not important to the client, we would consider this too.

4. A big part of what we do is prevention and awareness.  For instance, we’re teaching school children about sexual assault and domestic violence as part of Love Bites workshops.  We’re also running workshops for parents on issues of today (e.g. Cyberbullying) and also Pre Marital Education.  We’ve also run workshops on financial literacy for the general public, Rabbi’s and community workers.

Please call 1300 133 660 for any enquiries about these. 

5. There are many ways to help us help the community,.

There are many other ways where you can volunteer your time for the community. For instance:

-  Take a moment to share this post. 

-  Consider volunteering for us.  There are many ways to get involved on an ad hoc basis (e.g. help with driving or providing your professional skills as an Affiliated Professional or more regularly, such as in the Big Brother Big Sister Program and Youth Mentoring. We also need cooks for our meals roster, and other more specialised volunteers.