Disability Services

JewishCare helps people with a disability and their families to plan 
what support they may need and then works with them to identify the best
ways of achieving 'A Great Life'.

The experienced and qualified staff know that a person with a disability
 may need a range of services and that these needs can change over time. The
 services may be provided directly by JewishCare or they might be best 
sourced from another suitable provider. 

JewishCare adopts a Person Centred Approach which acknowledges that the person with a disability possibly with input from their family, are the best authorities on what type of help will make a difference to their lives.

JewishCare’s caring and experienced staff will work with the service user(s) to determine how this help can be provided.

JewishCare provides a wide range of services from accommodation to
 employment to case work and a number of exciting new services - http://www.jewishcare.com.au/disability/options

JewishCare also has a number of ways that it can provide material and financial assistance for members of the community in a crisis.

Anyone can make a referral and confidentiality is assured.

Call 1300 133 660 or go to www.jewishcare.com.au to submit a Referral Form

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